Reducing Medical Anxiety with Furniture

Furniture PlacementWe see anxiety as a purely mental affair. Some people, however, can’t think of any reason for their anxiety. Studies show that anxiety may come from things that aren’t self-inflicted but rather appeal to the senses, whether it be from a caffeine overload, a malodorous citrus-based scent, or even just the arrangement of furniture in a house.

Natalia Kaylin, a feng shui consultant based in Massachusetts, believes that the environment is a major contributing factor to stress, low energy, and a lack of motivation. It’s likely due to the energetic imbalance caused by an uncomfortable space.

Dealing with Medical Anxiety

Going into a doctor’s office can bring about feelings of nervousness or anxiety for a lot of people – the thought of a hospital or a clinic may bring shivers down anyone’s spine. It can be quite difficult to keep your calm around surgical knives, needles, and blood vials. What may even add to that anxiety, recent research suggests, is a cluttered, unstructured room.

This is why companies like The Brewer Company, LLC have medical furniture pieces with adjustable ergonomic features, allowing the users to maximize personal comfort. An abundance of desks, therapy chairs, and file cabinets can give a patient claustrophobia. The fewer fixtures there are in a room and the more comfortable they are, the more at ease a patient will feel.

Choosing the Best of the Best

What doctors may do to make their office breathable and patient-friendly is to reduce unnecessary furniture. Some clinics may have unused children’s playpens and broken cabinets that end up taking more space than needed.

The key to a comfortable space is simplicity. Too many things in a room may aggravate stress, says Kaylin. A simple exam table, a multipurpose patient chair, and a tall cabinet will do.

Almost anything may trigger anxiety attacks from patients. Reduce the risks and aim to give patients a positive medical experience every time.

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