Reminders when Childproofing Your Bathroom

Bathroom in Australia Bath time with your child isn’t always playtime if you’re living in a granny flat. That said, there are ways for your small bathroom to be child-friendly and safe. Here are just a few simple details to make your kid feel secure every time they enter the bathroom.

Secure The Tub

Aside from putting a slip-proof mat, install buffers and rubber stoppers on sharp corners and faucets. Use a rubber tipped shower curtain, since it’s surprisingly resilient and causes less trouble when pulled from the wall. Also, turn on the cold water first, as even warm water can scald a child’s sensitive skin. 

Secure The Counter

According to Grandesigns WA, most granny flats in Perth have very compact counters. Find ways to reduce clutter, to avoid kids playing with them. Keep all adult things such as razors, bottled perfumes and aerosol cans out of reach.

Reserve a place for your kid’s own things, and instruct them that the area is their exclusive spot. When your child can already brush their teeth, help them get in front of the sink via a stand with steps, and stoppers at the bottom.

Secure The Medicine Cabinet

Place child-locks on your medicine cabinets and other bathroom storage units. Use childproof bottles for all medicinal syrups, tablets and pills. When your kids are at the right age to care for their own scrapes, teach them how to use child-appropriate plasters and ointments. Keep these in an easy-open container.

Always remember that your bathroom needs to be a safe place for any child to use and even enjoy when they’re taking their baths. Once you’ve child-proofed your bathroom, start teaching children a little more about cleaning up after play and before sleep. Teach them the most basic first aid instructions. In this case, safety can truly bring peace of mind.

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