Restaurant Upgrade: The Essentials to Maximize Your Cupcake Profit

Miniature CupcakesIf you run  a restaurant that's considering adding cupcakes to your dessert lineup then go ahead. Cupcakes are making it big in the food industry and there's no reason for you to cash in on the trend. Of course, you would need to maximize profitability so here are a few practical pointers you can use.

Buy in Bulk – Like all your other ingredients, it is still best to buy everything you need in one large order. Discounts are usually offered to these large purchases and whatever you save is already equated as profit. Just make sure all your ingredients are stored properly to avoid wastage.  Check on shelf life and best-before due dates and keep them visible so you and your people can see which batches need to be used first.

Expand Your Storage – Wastage can result from lack of or improper storage facilities. Before you start ordering your ingredients, make sure you have ample space available for your materials especially the perishable ones. None perishable items, such as wholesale cupcake wrappers, need no refrigeration and only needs a safe dry place for storage.

Offer to Events – Offering your cupcakes to large events such as birthday parties, christenings and company parties allow you to give group discounts. Put your cupcakes in as a staple to all your party packages for both in-house reservations and catering services for a captive market. Lastly, you can create display cupcakes to sell to your regular large crowds.

Make Samples – Slice the larger cupcakes into bite-sized pieces and pass them around. Bake miniature cupcakes similar to your offerings and serve them on the counter for your clients to taste as they check your other desserts. Consider this part of your promotions budget so there is no wasting anything you've ordered or baked.

Don't forget to experiment with cupcake recipes to add to your existing menu. You give more options to your customers and that is also a great way to earn. Just remember, whatever you save from these suggestions can already be considered profit.

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