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Rule the Rodeo: How to Style Western Boots

The Western Boot: versatile, durable, and very fashionable. This classic reboot (get it?) is making bold statements everywhere, worn by up-and-coming fashion influencers and Hollywood stars alike.

Casual Wear

Cowgirl boots are a signature fashion item for country singers and celebrities. After gradually making a comeback last spring, they are showing up in ways not typically styled around the original Western look. Some celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon opted for a more laid back look, pairing corral boots with denim pants and a simple top – perfect for fall. Anyone can rock western boots – even royalty. As long as you know you look good rocking them, you’ll surely be the belle of any ball.

Formal & Party Wear

Western boots can be worn to any occasion – you can wear them with a long, flowy dress or a trendy printed pantsuit and you’re sure to make a statement. Whether it’s a rodeo-themed party or a western wedding, corral boots are a staple footwear. Western brand A.A. Callister says corral boots never go out of style, so make sure you have your pair ready for the next hoedown.

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Street Style & High Fashion

Street fashion is ever-evolving, reaching an apex when fashion influencers and designers strut around New York City in bizarre yet eye-catching new trends. Western boots are certainly among the footwear styles that’s growing more popular on stylish streets of fashion capitals the world over.

This type of footwear is popping up in major cities around the globe, just recently flaunted as one of the hottest items worn by the attendees of NYFW – both on and off the runway. These boots don’t only come in the usual black, brown, or beige variety, though. Designers have taken the western boot to higher levels by using bold colors and prints. Paired with closet staples like cut-out sweaters, maxi dresses, and anything denim, cowgirl boots will make you look like a charming country girl going straight to the next Fashion Week.

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