A Guy Trying to Quit Smoking

Save Your Heart and Quit Smoking

A Guy Trying to Quit SmokingQuitting and avoiding tobacco smoke (second-hand) are among the ideal ways to reduce your risk of heart disease. If you already have this habit, it’s best to quit and do your heart and blood vessels a favor. Studies suggest that those diagnosed with coronary heart disease showed a reduced risk of recurrent heart attacks when they quit smoking.

No matter what other people say, it’s possible to quit. Millions have done it and discarded the habit completely after all. Cardiology centers and other experts in Mt. Pleasant share a few strategies to quit smoking:

Think About Your Motivations

Keep your goals and motivations in mind to quit smoking. This could include prolonging life to see your grandkids, avoiding another stroke, and being able to move around without leg pain. You could also make a list of reasons for quitting or identify your triggers, with a plan to handling each of them.

Ask for Support

Let family and friends know that you’re quitting and get their support. You can also tap into free resources from health websites and call their hotline, such as Smokefree.gov and 1–800–QUIT–NOW. They can give you smoking cessation advice and other ways to break the habit.

Choose a Quit Date

Instead of quitting cold turkey, it’s advisable to pick a special date like a birthday or sometime next month. This will help you change gradually and prepare your mind in quitting. You can still decide to quit smoking cold turkey if you think that this method will work for you.

Consider Aids and Medicine

Consult your doctor for medicines and other products that can help you quit. These may include nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges. These products are proven helpful for many smokers. Your physician may also prescribe other medication to help you along the way.

Learn New Habits

Sometimes, stressful moments may tempt to reach for a cigarette. This is why it’s best to find other ways to get relief, like relaxation and breathing exercises. You can also take a walk around the neighborhood or take up a new hobby that can keep your hands working.

These are only some of the ways to kick the habit and save your heart. Note the withdrawal symptoms and relapse are common, but they should not discourage you. You can learn from a slip and get ready to commit again.

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