Self-Storage Facilities for All Your Extra Space Needs

shelf-storagePeople like to keep buying new thing for their homes and businesses. But, they do not throw away the old stuff. As people clamour for additional space, services such as self-storage facilities became available.

These services rent out space on a short-term or long-term basis to both individuals and businesses. Some of these facilities offer cartons, locks, and packaging materials for sale to help their customers pack and keep their goods safe. With the services’ growing popularity, says self-storage trends have also emerged, such as on-demand storage options where customers can keep their items in a warehouse instead of having their own storage unit.

Here are some of the advantages of this type of service:

  • Storing goods that are not of any immediate use can de-clutter your home or office.
  • The goods are safe, as you have the key. The facility’s staff cannot access the contents you have stored.
  • The facility does not own the contents you have stored unless you default on the rent.
  • They have open and closed type of services. The open type is suitable for larger items and for parking your vehicles. The closed ones are ideal for documents, home decors, antiques, valuable items, appliances and other smaller items.
  • Some rental services offer the option of air-conditioned units, which you can choose if it is needed for the safety of your goods.
  • You can use locks with burglar alarm facility if you are worried about theft.
  • Normally, you have to pay a deposit to get the facility. Afterwards, regular rentals will become due. The minimum period of rental is one month.

Apart from storing documents and household goods, some people who constantly move to another place find this facility very useful. They prefer to store their heavy furniture and other household appliances at these facilities when they move to another city. Grocery store owners and retail businesses also find the temperature controlled units at these facilities very useful to store their inventory.

The units are available in different sizes. Large items like trailers and boats can also be stored in these facilities. The rental fee will depend on the size and duration. As a tenant, prepare a comprehensive list of the things you store. This will avoid any disputes later.

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