Couple Sleeping In Bed

Sharing a Bed with Someone: Overcome the Challenges

Couple In BedIf you share a bed with your spouse or your partner but still experience some sleep disturbances at night, you can benefit from tweaking your bedroom or adding a few things that improve your slumber. You don’t necessarily have to sleep in separate beds or rooms. Why not try some of these suggestions to help you achieve a restful night:

No Adequate Space in Bed

When you share the bed with someone, you’ll need a bigger bed that can accommodate two people. King mattress stores in Salt Lake City suggest buying the biggest bed you can afford or fit in your room. This is to give you enough sleeping space and extra comfort. Don’t buy smaller than a queen-size bed, as this can cause sleep disturbances later at night, especially if your partner likes to toss and turn.

Not Enough Blanket

It is common for most people to wake up in the middle of the night when they find that their partner has got all the sheets. This is why it makes sense to sleep with two separate blankets. Through this, you won’t have to share and you won’t end up cold in the middle of the night. This is also ideal if you, for instance, like a thin blanket and your partner wants a thick one.

Habits Before Bed

If your partner is tired and wants to go to sleep but you still want to read a book, turning on that lamp can disturb your partner. If you want to finish a few chapters, it is better to buy a book light. If you, for instance, want to watch TV, do it in another room. Compromise and let your partner get the sleep that he/she deserves.

These are just a few of the things you can do if sharing a bed with someone cause sleep disturbances. It is also a good idea to invest in a mattress that doesn’t transfer movement or motion if you or your partner can’t help tossing at turning at night. You can also use a separate comfort for keeping warm, especially if your partner likes the bedroom cold.

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