Should You Hire A Realtor or Sell Your Own House?

RealtorYou’ve moved from one house to another growing up. You’ve interacted with enough realtors to predict what they’ll suggest and what paperwork they’ll require from you. You know them to the point that you’re confident of selling your own house without their help.

Why It’s a Mistake

While DIY projects continue to be the craze, doing everything yourself proves to be more bothersome than fulfilling. The in-depth research, endless paperwork, and random phone calls generate stress that you lose sleep over and that realtors know how to handle well.

Apart from the stress, the realtors’ possess better understanding of the neighborhoods you’re eyeing. Seldom do they fall for false advertisement and encourage putting houses for sale simply to follow the trend. If they do so, however, they know it’s because a particular trend serves as the best guide.

Still not convinced?

1st Level of Inconvenience

Realizing you don’t have as much time as you initially thought hurts, especially when your marketing efforts start to affect your job. Do your best to allot your project three hours before and after work. Add an additional hour. Still, the pending tasks continue piling.

The preparations needed in order to put your house on the market supersede the effort your current circumstances permit you to give. Realtors practice the art of speed; they respond when needed and grab opportunities when they come. Unlike your efforts to compress this in the level of part-time job, realtors act any time of day to make the purchase of your house happen.

2nd Level of Inconvenience

Pricing your own house without the advice of a realtor might come off inaccurate to buyers. They’ll mull over your possible bias with location and recent renovations, and they’ll bargain with you until the price is too low for your liking.

Bargain prices do happen. The challenge lies in doing it right, so both parties win. Realtors have had enough practice to accomplish such feat.

3rd Level of Inconvenience

Accepting clients poses the greatest risk for independent sellers. Without due knowledge of proper client screening, including thorough review of their qualifications on and off legal documents, the room for error widens. You might entrust your home to the most cheerful clients among the bunch, only to realize their source of funds lack financial security.

Remember: watching the game from up close rarely qualifies a person to play the game well. Trust realtors. They know what they’re doing.

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