Singapore Facts That Will Make You Appreciate It Even More

merlionSingapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world, yet it also enjoys the status of being one of the few developed nations in Asia – although you already know these facts. There are other great things about the city-state that will make you appreciate it more:

1. It Has Four Different Sources of Water

According to Singapore’s National Water Agency (PUB), the country gets its water from the local catchment, NEWater (reclaimed water), desalinated water and imported water. This imported water comes from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which has two bilateral agreements with the island nation. The second one will expire in 2061.

Currently, Singapore is working hard to reduce its dependency on imported water. By the time the second agreement ends, the country’s desalination process and NEWater should be enough to meet 85 percent of the demand.

2. It Aims to Have a Diverse Armed Force

Singapore spares almost no cent in building a comprehensive armed force. In 2017, the budget for defence will go up by 6.4 percent. It also invests in modern technology as well as aircraft and personnel training and recruitment.

Speaking of recruitment, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is close to becoming one of the very few to have a diverse group of personnel as it plans to recruit more women. It plans to hire at least 500 women by 2018 and increase the number to 3,000 in the future.

These women can be career soldiers, but Singapore also runs a SAF volunteer corps program for women where permanent residents can apply. Because of the discipline, exposure to tech and strategic knowledge personnel can get in SAF, anyone who joins it can open plenty of opportunities whether in the armed forces or elsewhere.

3. It Is a City Within a Garden

Despite being one of the smallest nations in the world, greeneries make up almost 50 percent of its land area. The highest point, Bukit Timah Hill, has more tree species than any other state or country in North America.

Singapore isn’t a perfect country, and it does have its weak points, but its ability to continuously reinvent itself makes it deserving of applause.

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