Skin Problems and What You’re Doing to Cause Them

Sure, wearing sunscreen before stepping out of the house is an excellent way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Beauty experts tell you sun protection is necessary if you want to look younger than your age. What you may not realize, however, is that sun damage is not the only problem you need to protect your skin from.

Hard Water Causes Skin Irritation

The hard water that comes out of Bountiful water pumps is not harmful in the sense that it kills, but it may make your skin more prone to eczema and other skin problems. This is because hard water changes the pH level in your skin and reacts with the chemicals in soap and detergent.

Noticed your soap does not produce enough suds? You have hard water to thank for that. Noticed skin dryness and breakouts happening often? A water softener might be needed in the home as soon as possible.

Not Moisturizing Leads to Flaking

Because more people are conscious about their appearance these days, there are more skincare products in the market. An average person might have a routine that involves five or more products. You don’t need an overly complicated skincare routine to keep your skin from being dry and flaky, however. What you need is proper moisturization, to give your skin the hydration it needs. Do this before you apply your primer and after you use a toner at night for best results.

Harsh Skin Products Worsen Skin Conditions

You may think you need to use all the products that are being talked about, but if they don’t work well for your skin, you’re only making it more prone to problems. Some products contain harsh chemicals that may make your oily skin even more oily, or your dry skin even drier. Pay attention to the formula and the main ingredients before you buy a product.

Protecting the skin is not just about spending money on the latest products. It means being aware of what should and should not be used on it.

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