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Smooth Surface: How to Make Your Stone Floor Look Great

A stone floor is a great addition to any home. Whether it is mosaic or tile, the solid and smooth surface of stone always looks great to any visitor. The problem with stone is that it can be difficult to keep in good shape. It is durable enough that it will stay solid against most damage but dirt, scratches, and more tend to accumulate on its smooth surface. Here are some tips that you can remember to ensure that you have a good-looking stone floor at the end of the day.

Know What Your Floor Is Made Of

When people think of stone floors, they think that it is all just one material. But there are different types of stone out there. Each of them has unique properties that make them special as a floor. You can simplify this, though. Most stone flooring materials are either calcareous or siliceous.

Calcareous stone is made of up calcium carbonate. This makes them very sensitive to acids. Some examples of such stones are limestone, marble, and serpentine. Siliceous stones are made up of tougher material and can handle acid cleaners just fine. Some examples of these stones are granite and slate.

Acquire the Right Tools

Now that you know the material type of your floor, it is time to get the right tools for the job. There are a couple of things that you might want to do with your stone floor. First, there is general cleaning. For this, you just have to be careful about using acidic cleaning materials on calcareous stone. This would actually damage your floor instead of cleaning it. A mop and some cloth would also help. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials to avoid scratches and abrasions on the stone surface.

If you do have scratches on your floor, then it is time to restore it with the right tools. It is easy enough to find diamond tools in Australia and other places. They can be a big help in restoring your stone floor. Scratches and abrasions are often only on the surface. When used properly, they can scour the surface of the tiles so that you can have a fresh-looking surface

The Older the Floor, the Deeper the Clean

cleaning materials

If you bought an old house and have an old stone floor, the dirt and grime on it must be incredible. This is why you need to do a deep clean of it. You will need to have a set of brushes and cleaning materials to properly do the job. It will also take several days, but the effort should be worth it.

Always Apply a Sealant

After any cleaning or maintenance, you need to apply a sealant over your floor. Stone is porous, and nasty things can get into it without an additional layer of coating. Find an appropriate sealant and apply it to your floor after it has dried from cleaning. Let the sealant fully dry before stepping on it.

A stone floor is very expensive, and you want it to look as pristine as the first day you installed it, you have to take care of it properly. The tips above should be a big help in keeping the floor in good shape and repairing it when necessary. With some effort, you will be sure to have a proper stone floor.

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