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Socializing as a New Mom: How to Beat Loneliness After You Have Given Birth

You just had a baby and, in between changing diapers and feeding your newborn, it is hard to find time for yourself let alone go out and socialize.

Many new moms find themselves feeling isolated after giving birth. Loneliness, if it persists for a long period of time, poses a serious threat to a person’s emotional and physical well-being.

Reunite with Your Work Friends

For most adults, work is the source of the majority of their social interactions. When they take maternity leave to stay at home with the baby and recuperate, they lose the chance to interact with other people.

And then, when they do return to work, their relationship with their office mates changes. Due to their obligations at home, they tend to say “no” to attending work events and after-office activities.

You, too, need and deserve to have meaningful social interaction and friendships. Your child is a priority, but so is your mental health. Do not be afraid to leave your newborn at your parents’ house so you can attend corporate team building activities. Get a babysitter when your boss decides to treat you all to dinner.

Call Your Friends

When you have a baby at home, being spontaneous is no longer possible. You cannot just leave as soon as your friends decide that they want to grab a glass of beer.

Watching after a newborn also takes a lot of energy. You often would rather spend your free time sleeping.

Even messages, sometimes, are left unread and unanswered.

Giving birth should not end your friendships. Because you now have different priorities, it requires more effort from all sides to reconnect and maintain a relationship.

Call your friends for a quick chat every once in a while. Although you cannot physically be with them, reaching out would make them feel that you are still their friend and you still have their backs no matter what.

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Join Online Communities

It would be nice to meet other people who are going through the same experiences that you do. You can get helpful advice and be able to vent without judgment from those who may not be able to understand.

Luckily, through the internet, it is easier to find like-minded people. There are parenting online forums and social media groups where new moms like you congregate. You can learn things that can make your life with a baby much easier and just have a conversation with other people.

It is a great way to get social interaction because you do not have to leave home and you do not have to respond immediately to messages. You can go back when you have free time.

Have One Night Off

Mothers, too, feel burned out. Taking care of another human being is hard work. You deserve a night off.

Hire a babysitter and go out with your spouse. Watch a movie or eat dinner at a fancy restaurant. Stay up late if you want to. Couples also need to reconnect as partners, not as parents. Living with a baby can often make you neglect your relationship with your spouse. All relationships need attention and care to thrive. That includes your marriage.

Be kind to yourself. You are not just a parent. You are a spouse, a co-worker, a friend, a family member, too. It might be difficult to find time for all your responsibilities right now, but it is worth it to maintain these relationships for your own sake.

When the loneliness becomes overwhelming, you should consider seeing a professional.

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