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Solving the Mystery of Your Inexplicable Itchy Skin

Have you been suffering from itchy skin with no other symptoms? It can be a confusing experience. You might be looking for a rash or other indications of a problem but to no avail. There could be a host of reasons behind these phantom itches. Itching is not only bothersome but can lead to other complications.

You could develop an infection from scratching your skin, and could transmit bacteria and germs to different parts of your body. It is important to get your symptoms checked out by a qualified dermatologist. In many cities in Utah like Murray and Sandy, seasonal skin infections and diseases are common. The state’s climate could cause infections like hay fever and eczema, of which itchiness of the skin is a common symptom. But sometimes, an itch is only an itch.

Dry skin

If you are one of those unfortunate people suffering from chronic dry skin, you probably know this by now. Dry skin can cause constant itching. But even those who didn’t think that they had dry skin could get it as a result of changes in the weather or your body’s hormones. When you have a persistent itch, the first thing you should do is try to moisturize the skin and see whether the itching continues.

Exposure to unfamiliar materials

You may not need to have an allergy to get itchy skin from unfamiliar materials. Certain things such as strong perfumes, dyes or synthetic fabrics can affect people with sensitive skin. Try to remember if you have recently started using a new product, or have had a lifestyle change. Maybe you have started working out, and are getting itchy from your workout gear. Try to switch brands and see if the itching resolves.

A rare reaction to water or other allergens

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If you have aquagenic pruritus, you will get itchy skin after exposure to water. It is likely to be a genetic disorder, so if someone in your family has it, you could develop it too. The main symptoms include itching after touching water. Surprisingly, you won’t get any other signs, such as reddened skin.

If you have lost or gained weight

Gaining weight can cause your skin to stretch out. This can form stretch marks, which can be very itchy. If you are itching in a part of your body which isn’t easily visible, try to feel for stretchy skin. The reverse can also happen, and you can get itchy after losing a lot of weight.

A nervous reaction

Itching is a common sign of a nervous disorder. If you are experiencing high levels of stress, it can cause your nerves to flare up and misfire, which can cause symptoms of itchiness. This can be easily resolved with treatment and medication and is usually nothing to worry about.

Being itchy all over is a terrible experience that might require a visit to the dermatologist. Rarely, it can also indicate serious health conditions, such as thyroid problems. So if you feel an itch, it’s best to see a doctor to ensure that your itch is only an itch.

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