Some Vehicles in Canada are More Attractive to Thieves than Others

Car thief looking inside the car windowCar theft is still an enormous problem in Canada with hundreds of vehicles stolen every year. Some vehicles seem more attractive to criminals than others, choosing models that are particularly in demand in the illegal auto markets.

Trucks and SUVs are among the vehicles that thieves find most attractive – Ford is the top favored brand, but other luxury makes from Cadillac, Toyota, Lexus are likewise among the preferred vehicles. Though Infiniti models are not as popular among car thieves, the SUVs may still attract attention to would-be thieves.

Why Cars Get Stolen

There are many reasons behind car theft, but it seems that the primary reason for it is to sell the vehicles abroad. Since there is a high demand for 4WD vehicles in other countries, car thieves target SUVs and pick-up trucks more than any other type of vehicle. Organized criminals pack up the cars immediately and ship them abroad.

Some thieves try to sell the car to unsuspecting customers or dismantle the vehicle completely for parts. This is why consumers should always choose to buy used vehicles from well-established car dealerships to avoid purchasing a stolen vehicle.

Other criminals simply need a getaway car and use the vehicle to commit other crimes. It is not uncommon to find a stolen car within two days of its theft, abandoned and damaged at the side of the road.

Objects of Desire

The more popular a vehicle, the higher the demand among thieves. Cars are objects of desire, and perhaps the most desirable of these vehicles is the Ford F350 SD 4WD series. They occupy all of the top spots, with the exception of the 2006 Cadillac Escalade SUV, which is the fourth most stolen vehicle.

Adding additional security features and avoiding unsafe parking spots can greatly reduce the chance of car theft.

Citizens should be vigilant and report a stolen vehicle immediately so that these criminals are apprehended.

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