Steak Guide: 3 Must Try Steakhouses

Steak RestaurantThere is nothing more romantic than a good old-fashioned steak date night. It just screams pure classic and romantic, savouring the good meat over wine and great conversation. Every once in a while, it is good to treat yourself and your partner into one unforgettable evening.

Having a steak date night is a combination of fun, classic, and romantic evening. Before booking a reservation, it is good to research the different types of steak to save time ordering. The four most common types of steak are rib eye, strip, tenderloin, and t-bone. Wagyu and Angus are also gaining popularity as steak choices.

The variation of steaks is equivalent to different tastes. It all depends on your preference. Also, take note that these different steaks come from different parts, which mean that tenderness also varies. Eating steak also requires some skill so equip yourself with slicing techniques and appropriate table manners. Now that you know the basics get ready to dial any of the three must try steak restaurants:

  1. High-end: Brisbane houses a variety of steak restaurants that suit different preferences. If your budget is not a concern, book a high-end steak restaurant such as the Get ready to be treated like royalty upon entrance and during your whole stay. Also, dress appropriately because places like these are clad with well-dressed ladies and gents.
  2. Family-run local steak restaurant: there is something nostalgic about family-run businesses, especially in the case of a steak restaurant. From the interior to the steak, everything feels like home. If you like a more laid-back date night, head on to a family-run steak restaurant.
  3. Hole-in-the-wall steak restaurants: Brisbane is home to diverse restaurants. A hole-in-the-wall kind of steak restaurant strikes the perfect balance between fancy and commercial. Food prices tend to be more forgiving and interiors are more creative and up-to-date.

Save the Date

A steak date night can range from fancy to low-key. There is one for everyone. Steaks are a cut above the rest kind of meal but do not let this intimidate you because you can always find a steak restaurant that’s within your budget. So pick up that phone and make that reservation.

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