Dentist examines child's teeth

Straight Up: Preventing Crooked Teeth Cases Among Kids

Aside from dental caries, misaligned teeth are a common problem among kids. And it’s a serious one. In many instances, crooked teeth are the reason many school children are bullied. While it may seem like a small aesthetic flaw, it could turn into an issue that leaves your kids with low self-esteem and poor body image, which affects them negatively.

Fortunately, it easy to prevent misaligned teeth. Here are ways to keep it from affecting your children:

Stop Thumb Sucking

According to pediatric dentists in Herriman, this habit is the number one cause of misaligned teeth in children. The unnecessary pressure causes a re-shaping of the upper palates and altering of the jaws. Sometimes, it results in the front teeth not coming together properly; in other instances, it causes overbite in the front teeth and underbite on the molars.

Some toddlers outgrow thumb-sucking, while some don’t. When your kids don’t and all your efforts to stop it have been in vain, seek help from a trusted children’s dentist. Herriman experts can better why they should kick the habit and why it’s important for dental health.

Start Good Habits

Sometimes, misalignment problems happen when there are missing teeth, as the other teeth start to grow in the gaps and spaces. Losing teeth early on is caused by cavities. So, it’s important to keep the pearly whites where they’re supposed to be by following good oral care habits.

Teach your kids to brush their teeth twice a day. Let them use a soft-bristled toothbrush. And keep them from brushing too vigorously, as this might lead to damaging the enamel and tooth sensitivity.

Take Them to Their Dentist

The best way to prevent misalignment is to have your child’s teeth inspected by the expert. This way, you’ll be able to catch early on oral problems. Visit your dentist regularly, most especially if you have a history of crooked teeth in the family. A lot of experts believe that overbites and underbites are often inherited traits. All the more reason to stick to good oral care habits and visit your dentist.

Crooked teeth are a serious problem for kids. More than a physical problem, it can affect their emotional well-being. Save your children from these concerns with these prevention tips.

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