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Stress Reduction amid the Pandemic: Creating a Healthy and Stress-Free Home Environment

The global health crisis caused everyone’s stress levels to soar high. We are anxious about our health and our loved one’s safety. Some of us are worried about our finances. Many are sick and tired of staying indoors and not being able to do everything they want. Even meeting up with friends or a trip to the supermarket is enough to make us feel stressed out.

For some homeowners, they turned to home improvements as a way of coping during the crisis. But even planning, budgeting, and executing home improvement projects can be stressful. If you want to make the most out of your project, consider focusing on improvements that can turn your home into a healthier and less stressful home.

Improve Your Green Spaces

When was the last time you improved your landscaping? Your landscape does more than simply boost your home’s aesthetics and improve the value of your property. Surrounding your home with a luscious green space can also improve your mood and lower your stress levels.

If you have the time to tend to your own lawn or garden, then install a low-maintenance yard or start your own backyard garden. Working around nature is enough workout to keep you moving. This helps take your focus away from the stressful word and use your time on something that is healthy and productive.

Even if you have no time or knowledge to maintain your yard, you can always hire landscapers to maintain your beautiful yard. You can hire a mower for your residential lawn, control weeds, apply fertilizer, and do clean-up services during Spring. Even the mere sight of a beautiful and well-maintained lawn is enough to bring down your stress and anxiety levels.

Improve Your Indoor Lighting

Most homeowners invest in lighting solutions that are too bright while others wait for their light bulbs to retire completely before replacing them. Poor lighting can become a safety hazard and can even put an unnecessary strain on your eyes. The trick to is use a combination of lighting types while taking advantage of natural lighting.

Inviting more natural light in your home gives exposes your family to more sunlight which contains Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps with immune function, calcium absorption, and other bodily functions. Getting enough sunlight also helps boost your mood and energy while helping regulate your sleep.

Instead of simply having task lighting, incorporate different types of light to accomplish different things. It is advisable that you invest in the task, ambient, and accent lighting. This way, you can adjust your lighting according to your needs.

Create Separate Spaces for Home and for Work

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For those that are now working or are often bringing some paperwork at home, you need to create a separate space for work. Many of us are tempted to work from our kitchen table, our bed, or even in the living room. But since your home offers many distractions, it will be better to have space where you can separate your home life and work.

If you live alone, it is easy to be distracted by your bed, your gadgets, your household chores, and even your neighbors. When living with your family, your roommates or family members can keep your focus away from your tasks. This can lead to procrastination, inefficiency, and reduced productivity.

When you create your own space that is only meant for work, it will be easier to focus on your job and avoid distractions. The physical separation is enough to reduce your stress brought about by non-work-related issues. This also helps you put yourself in work mode every time you need to accomplish your tasks.

Do a Minor Bedroom Makeover

To be physically and mentally healthy, you need enough sleep. This is the only time your body can rest for a bit, recharge, and get ready for another hard day of work. Failure to get enough rest and sleep can greatly influence your mood and energy levels, put you at risk for numerous conditions, and even reduce your ability to learn and remember things.

When you invest in a bedroom makeover, even minor improvements can help you get more sleep each day. This will then help boost your mood, increase your energy levels, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. You can even avoid those pesky headaches and poor appetite when you finally get adequate rest and sleep.

You can start with decluttering, regularly changing your dirt sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and even cleaning your rug and curtain. Remove gadgets and electronics to avoid temptations. Invest in adequate lighting and ensure your bedroom’s temperature is ideal for sleep.

There are projects you can tackle that can help you deal with pandemic stress. You only need to focus on home improvements that can help you sleep and work better, will give you more green spaces to enjoy and better lighting to tackle your everyday tasks. There is no reason to let pandemic-stress ruin your quarantine days. There are things that can make living in the new normal better. You just need to be creative enough to come up with home improvements that will help you relieve stress in the long run.

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