Stuck at Home: Why You Should Make Playlists

It has been three months since the World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 as a pandemic. As the whole world continues to take measures against it and grapple its effects, everyone is still advised to stay at home and only leave the house as needed.

Every person is battling the situation and keeping themselves updated with the news. But amidst all these, it’s good to take a break from social media and relax. Just like the necessity of pipe purging equipment, everyone needs to remove unnecessary “contaminants” that may continue to harm their being. Making playlists is one of the simplest tools that anyone can use to uplift themselves.

Listening to music is a different experience when songs are arranged in playlists. With everyone carrying a wide and overflowing range of emotions these days, playlists can help process feelings. Through playlists, people have the freedom to categorise songs that will increase their mood. Below is a recommended list of mood playlists that one should consider making.

1. A playlist that makes you move

Whether it’s in terms of exercising or dancing alone in the room, everyone at this time of quarantine needs a playlist that will make them move. It’s common knowledge that sitting all day has negative effects on health, so bodies need to be stretched and moved.

Serotonin levels also increase when moving. One’s performance and endurance improve with the right music playlist. As reported on CNN, a study published in Frontiers in Psychology shows that “high-tempo music reduces perceived effort and boosts cardiovascular benefits”. In these unprecedented times, both the body and mind need to be better taken care of.

2. A playlist that helps you focus


Transitioning to the “new normal” will take a while. The digital space is becoming a larger part of everyone’s daily lives. It’s been the main platform to communicate with loved ones, to keep productivity at work, to study for school and to be entertained. With several issues and events happening at the same time, it’s difficult to concentrate. A playlist on sustaining focus is needed to get things done for motivation and improving attention.

3. A playlist that gives you comfort

Everyone needs a playlist that will give them comfort because it’s easy to feel troubled and overwhelmed. There will be days when lying down and dissociating from the world are needed to compose one’s self. The wellbeing of an individual is directly correlated to their music choices. Another research published in the same journal discusses that people with symptoms of depression have limited awareness of how music choices affect their mood. It’s important to keep in mind that in making playlists, individuals should be conscious of selecting songs that would, essentially, help them ease discomfort.

A growing body of research continues to prove that music is therapeutic. It’s even more effective when songs are categorised based on mood, and playlists make that possible. Now’s the perfect time to get organised to help individuals express and articulate their feelings better. As reminded by The Cut, dedicate a whole day and start drafting until reaching around 25 songs.

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