Subdivisions: What Goes into Its Planning and Development?

subdivision spacesHas it ever crossed your mind why a subdivision is called such? Apart from having houses and lots in it, nobody – except the developers – knows the steps taken to develop a vast area into one.

What is a Subdivision?

Maybe you are moving into a new community, and the need to know the place’s history crosses your mind. Apart from asking a member of the homeowners’ association about the history of the place, did you ever think about asking those who developed the land and offered their subdivision services – which, by the way, Cato Bolam Consultants offers? That could be a bit of a stretch, but at least you will get all the essential information.

A subdivision is essentially a portion of land allocated from a larger area. Splitting the area into smaller regions makes it easier to develop individually. This enables an independent increase in growth and maximised use of space.

What Makes a Great Subdivision?

Subdivisions need thorough planning before buyers can look at the expanse of land available to them.


Think of it as establishing a new business, but bigger. It is important to consider the population growth rate of a place because this where developers will get an estimate of how many people will somehow occupy the land.

Available Space

After establishing the location, there has to be an assurance that there is enough space to fill. Developers may want to consider which types of homes will fit into the subdivision. Uniformity is not a bad idea, especially if there is limited space. As far as amenities go, they will have to make sure that they have something else to offer that will set them apart from other subdivisions.

It is astonishing to know how far planning and developing a land can go, especially that it sets the limitations for contractors and property owners about the area they can build on and own. When moving into a new place, knowing about land constraints and policies are essential, so you can make informed decisions when purchasing properties.

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