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How You Can Succeed in the Workforce as a Young Mother

A young mother in the workforce faces unique challenges. You juggle work responsibilities with your parental obligations. As much as you probably want to focus on being a parent, you need a steady source of income to provide for your child.

While you’re in the workforce, you might as well make the most of it. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Just because you’re a working mom does not mean you cannot aspire to advance in your chosen career. Yes, you’re equipped to become a responsible parent and a competitive professional at the same time.

There are ways to boost your promotability. Here are some recommendations.

Get healthy

If you’re dealing with any disorder such as binge eating, explore reputable treatment options ASAP. Do not let your body deteriorate. Remember that your body is the source of the labor you provide to employers. Think of it like a machine. It should work as efficiently as needed.

A healthy body means you won’t be filing chronic sick leaves. That’s something employers appreciate. When it’s time for promoting employees, those in charge will look at your records. If you’re not frequently absent from work due to sickness, you have a better shot at getting promoted.

Be professional

It’s not bad to develop personal relationships at work. After all, making friends out of your colleagues is important. They will give you the support system you need when the going gets tough at the office. However, always remember that you’re in a professional setup.

So avoid joining in office gossip. Instead, be as professional as you can be. Do your job to the best of your ability. If you encounter missteps, own them up. And promise your superiors and colleagues that you will do better next time. Make sure to deliver on your promise.

Look your best

As a young mom, your work does not start once you clock in at the office. Your work starts as soon as you and your child wake up. You need to attend to your child’s needs. When it’s time to commute to work, you’ve probably used up a percentage of your body’s battery. That should not be an excuse for you to walk into the office looking lousy.

Looking your best is important if you want to convince your bosses that you have it together. So don’t neglect painting your face. Update your office attire when needed. Show up at work like the empowered woman that you are.

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Collect training and seminars

It’s difficult enough to juggle your basic job responsibilities and your obligations as a mom. That’s understandable. But you need to get out of your way to ensure that you’re constantly buffing up your resume.

One way to do that is by attending training and seminars. Whenever the office sponsors these events, sign up. Even training and seminars sponsored by your community can give you the competitive edge needed to advance your career. So find time for these engagements. Rest assured your efforts will pay off. Then, come promotion time, you’ll have a strong case to support why you’re ready for a bigger role.

Build your network

Office politics is real. Sometimes people get promoted even when there are more deserving options. They get ahead because they know how to play the game. Learn to play the game, too. Network as much as you can.

Your friends at work are on your side, no doubt. However, it’s time to extend your office network to people from other departments, even to stakeholders outside the company, such as clients. At company events, do not shy from introducing yourself to the people in charge, such as the big bosses. Make them notice you. Make them remember your name.

As a young mother, chances are you have your priorities figured out. But, of course, on top of those priorities is to raise your child into the best person they can be. However, you need not allow your career to take a backseat. You have it in you to multitask, do your job the best way you can while not neglecting your child’s needs.

If you perfect the required balance of motherhood and career, you’ll reap considerable rewards. And those rewards will be enjoyed by your child. So do not feel guilty if you give your job the attention it deserves. In the end, your professional success will benefit your child. It will allow them to go to good schools, wear nice clothes, eat healthy food, and have a good life in general.

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