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Summer 2020: Suggestions for Having a Great Summer While Staying at Home

Summer is just around the corner! But with the COVID-19 pandemic still posing a real threat to everyone’s health, the situation may have put a damper on many people’s summer plans. Some may have (begrudgingly!) decided to postpone trips abroad or give up outdoor activities in crowded public places this summer so that they can just stay safe at home. Cheer up if you’re one of these people because there’s really no reason for you not to have a great summer while you’re safely tucked in your own home.

Read on for some helpful tips for making the most of this year’s summer at home.

Make your home comfortable

As you’ll be spending most of your time at home, your house must be a place of comfort for you. For starters, your home must be cool enough to beat the summer heat. Make sure that your home cooling system is in good working condition. You can hire professionals offering air conditioning and air duct cleaning services to help get your cooling system in tip-top shape.

Aside from being cool, your house should also be clean to make it comfortable. Good for you if you’ve already gotten to your annual spring cleaning, but if not, you can always start cleaning in summer. And while at it, you might as well consider changing your curtains or drapes and throw pillows and rugs to give your home a fresh look.

Convert idle home space

When you’ve already made your home comfortable, take it up a notch higher and do some simple DIY home improvements such as converting idle space in your home into an activity area. You can, for example, put up an inflatable or steel-frame pool in your backyard so that you can still have some fun water activities this summer even without going to the beach. Or you can lay some bricks on a small portion of your yard and turn it into a patio, where you can set up a table and a couple of chairs. There, you can have breakfast every morning or even just sip coffee like you would at your favorite sidewalk café.

Engage in fun home activities

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Your efforts to make your home comfortable and convert idle home space will all be for naught if you don’t actually do some fun activities at your house. If you have family living with you, why not play some board games on your newly built patio to while away time? Every Sunday, maybe you can grill some burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, etc., while the kids play in the pool for a simple pool/BBQ party.

If you live alone, there’s plenty of fun home activities you can do during summer as well. For instance, hanging out in your living room—with its fresh curtains, pillows, and rugs—just binge-watching or –reading seems a pretty good way to spend lazy summer afternoons.

The COVID-19 pandemic may force many of you to simply stay home this summer. But there’s really no need to feel sad about this, as there are many things you can do to make summer at home fun. Have a safe and fun summer, everyone!

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