Surface Preparation Before Painting

There are various ways that you can prepare surfaces for painting. You should know the different options and their advantages so you can pick which one to use. Here are some of the most common surface materials that need preparation:

  • Concrete – Various methods can be used on concrete to bring out the desired look. Those methods can be used on old concrete surfaces to erase existing paint or markings like in parking lots, for example.
  • Metal – The paint on metal surfaces can peel and become eroded over time. To fix and repaint the surface, the old corroded paint must be removed, and the fastest way to do it is to use sandblasting.
  • Wood – Lighter methods should be used on wood to give it the desired finish. Those methods can also be used to prepare the wooden surface for painting.
  • Bricks – Repainting a brick surface can make it look good as new and so preserve it. An old house made of bricks can be made to look like new with a new coat of paint.

These are the materials that often require surface preparation. Now, what are the various methods used for surface preparation?

  1. Hand and power tool cleaning is probably the most common method used. It involves using a sandpaper or a power tool to clean the surface. It is popular since it does not require any highly specialized equipment. Hand cleaning is the ideal method for preparing the more delicate surfaces which can get easily damaged
  2. Water jetting uses a powerful stream of water directed at the surface to be cleaned. This calls for the use of a powerful pump that can eject the water at high speed.
  3. Abrasive sandblasting is a technique for preparing surfaces. It is used to remove foreign materials before painting and other processes.

Sandblasting calls for abrasive materials to be propelled against the surface to be prepared. This contact will remove the foreign material on the surface, making it ready for a new paint coat. Some companies provide sandblasting in Utah or other areas, but before you avail of their services, you should know a bit more about sandblasting.

Sandblasting is one of the leading surface preparation techniques used today. This is how the sandblasting process works:

  • First, you need to identify the material which is going to be sandblasted properly. This is necessary so you can use the right kind of sandblasting equipment. You have to decide whether you need a hopper, sandblasting, or an air nozzle.
  • Remove or cover anything in the surrounding area that does not need to be sandblasted, so nothing is damaged when you are sandblasting.
  • Now, you can go ahead with the sandblasting.


These are just some of the things that you need to know in regards to surface preparation for painting. There are several methods that you can choose, but you need to pick the one which is ideal for the material to be painted. For example, not all materials can be sandblasted, and even for those that can be, you need to use the right kind of sandblasting equipment for the surface.

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