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How Sustainable Entrepreneurs Exercise Corporate Social Responsibility

Today’s modern entrepreneurs know the importance of practicing their corporate social responsibility. They embrace sustainable business practices for reasons that go beyond tapping the eco-conscious market and boosting their income and savings. They realize that they are responsible for integrating environmental and social concerns in every decision they make.

Entrepreneurs can choose from a variety of strategies when embracing corporate social responsibility. The key is proper planning, effective implementation, and willingness to make sustainability work in favor of your business. For those who are still clueless about what they can do to make their business more sustainable, here are some examples worth considering.

Reuse Old Buildings for Business Purposes

Adaptive reuse is the process that involves reusing existing structures for another purpose. For instance, using an old hotel and turning this into a mixed-use development. One can rent the upper levels to tenants looking for housing, while the space for the lower levels will be for business purposes.

Entrepreneurs can reconsider plans of building a new business structure and reuse an existing building instead. They only need to hire the right team to turn this into a reality. It makes sense to find a local general contractor for the rehabilitation and improvement of older buildings.

Adaptive reuse helps communities by preserving historic architecture. Entrepreneurs can use this opportunity to help with the restoration and preservation of culturally significant sites. This is also a more sustainable choice since one can reuse the durable and still reusable parts for commercial purposes.

Consider Hiring a Certified B Corp

B Corp brands help businesses balance profit and purpose. They make sure that your business is making money while meeting the highest standards expected of businesses these days. This means they can your brand become more transparent and accountable.

B Corporations are sustainability consultants that help evaluate the social and environmental performance of your business. They can provide essential feedback that can greatly help in making your business a more sustainable one. This helps you boost your efforts in exercising your corporate social responsibility.

Such sustainable businesses also help by connecting you with other companies with the same purpose: to make the world a better and safer place. You can gain a network of professionals and leaders using their influence for the global good. This can help open new opportunities for your business in more ways than one.

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Check if Remote Work Options Make Sense for Your Company

Not all companies can allow their employees to work from home. But if remote work is viable for your business, consider allowing certain employees to work from home. This will help you attract and retain top talents while reducing your company’s operating expenses and environmental impact.

Remote work reduces the need for your employees to travel to work. Since they don’t need to use any vehicle to go to the office, this reduces their carbon footprint. The fewer people working inside the office, the lower your energy usage and waste production will be.

Letting your employees work remotely also helps reduce your need for a big office. You can then use this excuse to scale down to a smaller office or rent out the extra space to others. You have the option to look for other businesses needing extra office space or rent it out to freelancers needing a professional venue for meetings.

Be with People Who Have the Same Goals

Your people represent your business. Who you hire can impact how the world sees your brand. There is no use in looking for the most talented applicants if their goals and values do not align with yours.

Find talents that fit your requirements and reflect the same values your organization is trying to portray. Since you are on a mission to build a sustainable brand, be sure to ask each applicant about their take on business sustainability. You don’t want to compromise your efforts just because you made the decision to hire someone who contradicts your ethos.

You want someone that has the right talent. Choose one that has lots of sustainable ideas that are doable and realistic. If you can align your values with their own and they are engaged in your brand’s sustainability effort, then you just found the right people to work with.

Some entrepreneurs are only focused on making more money out of their business. But it is time everyone stops for a moment to think about the impact their business has on society and the environment. There is a need for all entrepreneurs to realize their corporate social responsibility so that we can build a better and brighter future.

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