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Tackling Burnout: Avoiding Exhaustion as a Stay-at-home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mother can be rewarding work. You’ve taken time off work to take care of your children and make sure everything at home is in order.

However, like other jobs, being a stay-at-home mom can be tiring. The stress of managing a home and raising children has its physical and emotional consequences. For many mothers, the pressures can lead to burnout.

What Happens When a Mother Gets Burnt Out?

According to a 2018 study by Business Performance Innovation, 63% of parents experience a form of burnout. Although there is no distinction between the mother and the father, the research stated that the exhaustion is more common among mothers, who mostly care for the children.

Physical and mental exhaustion are the early signs of parental burnout. You might also experience:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Frustration and irritability
  • High risk of negligence and violent behavior toward children
  • Loss of sense of accomplishment related to parenting

Reducing Parental Burnout

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Burnout is a natural part of parenting, and it can make you feel like a full-time worker instead of a mother. Here are tips that can help you reduce burnout and feel more fulfilled of taking care of the household:

Ask for Help

Help can be as simple as sharing the childcare duties with your spouse, a relative, or a baby-sitter. It could also be something big, like seeking professional help for your mental health challenges. Either way, you’ll find your situation less daunting when you have someone to share the burden.

Pamper Yourself

Have your spouse take care of the kids for a weekend. Spend the day trying a new hairstyle or experimenting with taped-in human hair extensions. Meet your friends or treat yourself to a massage.

If getting out of the house is hard, bring the pampering to your home. A relaxing bath with scented candles and a face mask might be all you need to recharge.

Take Care of Your Health

Your health is just as important as your children’s and spouse’s. Get regular exercise and eat a balanced diet. Make sure you get the required number of hours of sleep and take vitamins and supplements.

Learn to Say No

You can’t do everything, even if you try. If someone asks you for a favor and it’s something you can’t accomplish on top of your other tasks, politely decline. It might make you feel guilty at first, but you’ll save yourself from feeling burnt out if you can’t finish the favor.

Let Your Child Do Things by Themselves

Sometimes it’s easier to do things for your kid. However, letting your kid become independent helps you in the long run.

Teaching your child to become independent is a slow process. Start by letting them pick up their drink on their own. They might spill the drink, and you’ll have to clean it up later. However, when they finally accomplish this activity, they can move on to bigger tasks, like learning to eat on their own.

Being a parent is a significant experience, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. When you feel like parenting is exhausting, take a step back and spend some time for yourself. You and your family will thank you.

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