Tactics of Leveraging SEO for Online Reputation Management

Almost all companies with an online presence are now more than ever before focused on SEO. This is mostly due to the increased competition to gain online visibility. There is, however, one element that threatens flush all your SEO efforts down the drain. That element is a tarnished reputation. It could come from a mishandled review or complaint from a customer. Reputation management is a crucial undertaking for all companies but is even more so for those engaged in online marketing.

Thankfully, a Los Angeles-based PPC expert and SEO specialist can recommend methods of linking marketing platforms with your reputation management. One of the easiest and highly beneficial tactics is leveraging your SEO efforts for reputation management. While this seems far-fetched, the following are some strategies an expert might employ.

Respond To Reviews

Client engagement is one of the foundations of SEO. One of the ways to increase your client engagement online is by asking for reviews on the elements of your websites and social media pages. Not all reviews will, however, be positive. The best way to handle negative ones before they damage your reputation is to respond to them promptly. When other clients see you trying to make amends with an unsatisfied client, you come across as a brand that cares about customers. This boosts your reputation. Of course, it would help if you also appreciated good reviews.

Conduct Online PR

Online press releases and pitching stories are effective means of increasing your online content and boosting your search engine ranking. This is because they give your website trusted and quality backlinks. These can also be used to contribute to your image by painting your brand in a positive light and giving clients a front-row seat on what you do.

Use Reverse SEO

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Reverse SEO focuses on the creation of high-ranking positive search results for your unsatisfactory branded search terms. You, for instance, might have a bad review. Despite your best efforts, this review is the first one that shows up when clients key in your branded search word. To push this negative review further down search engine ranks, create new quality content with the same branded keywords.

Run Branded PPC Campaigns

PPC does wonders for search engine ranking. It can do the same for your online reputation management. With a branded PPC campaign, you control how your brand looks in searches. Branded PPC campaigns are often cheap since your company’s name is not a competitive keyword that will increase your bid price.

Sponsor Content

Sponsoring other people’s content on online platforms allows you to maximize traffic to your site and boost your rank on SERPs. Furthermore, it is much like sponsoring local events and charities. With this route, you come across as a business intent on helping others achieve their objectives and improve your reputation.

Find the Right Person for the Job

With these tactics, your site will be among the top on search engines, and your online reputation will remain intact. Leveraging SEO for reputation management is, however, a delicate balance. It is, therefore, crucial to get an expert to handle it and guarantee a high ROI.

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