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Take a Deep Breath: Breathing Exercises for Asthma

asthma doctorAsthma is a difficult condition, as it can seriously affect your ability to breathe properly. If you or a loved one has this condition, you probably know how much pain and discomfort it can cause. Fortunately, asthma doctors suggest breathing exercises to relieve it. Here are some of them.

Buteyko Breathing

This type of breathing exercise teaches you to constantly reduce breathing rate or breathing volume. It is a drug-free approach in managing the condition and other breathing related problems. In this method, you’ll understand a concept of normal breathing and breathing to the physiological norms. Asthmatics of any age and severity of condition can try this method.

Diaphragmatic Method

This breathing technique helps in maximizing the air distribution in your lungs. It is done by contracting the diaphragm, the most efficient muscle in the respiratory system. Many people consider this method a healthier way to breathe, as it can be very relaxing and calming. The exercise will help you use your diaphragm correctly while breathing to use less effort.


Yoga is another breathing method and exercise that can reduce asthma symptoms. While it can’t cure your asthma, certain poses can help open up your airways and help you breathe easier. There are certain yoga poses that can keep your airways clear and prevent a coughing fit from coming on. It can also clear your respiratory system or strengthen your immunity.

Papworth Method

This exercise is a type of diaphragmatic breathing technique developed in the 1960s. It focuses on nose breathing and development of a breathing pattern to suit the current activity. It also uses relaxation exercises that can aid in depression and anxiety. The primary aim of the Papworth method is to encourage more relaxed breathing using the abdomen and diaphragm. It has some similarities to the Buteyko method, but does not involve hypoventilation techniques.

Physical Movement Exercises

This breathing exercise combines the element of physical and breathing movements. It allows you to focus on your good posture and relax your muscles, particularly in the shoulders and belly. It also teaches you to focus on breathing with shoulder rotation, forward curl, or arm raises.

Before doing any of these exercise, it is advisable to consult your asthma doctor first. Get recommendations and advice on what breathing exercise to follow and the right way to do it.

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