texting while driving

Texting While Driving: A Growing National Concern

Fatal crashes on New Orleans roads happen frequently. Known risk factors for road accidents and related injuries include speed and alcohol. Even cellphone use has become an emerging concern lately.

To raise awareness and prevent unnecessary tragedy, there are safety organizations that inform and educate the public about the dangers of distracted driving. Many cases, however, still go unreported even with the large number of personal injury attorneys in New Orleans that are ready to help.

texting while driving

Many states have implemented laws and strategies intended specifically at teens and new drivers to curb mobile use while driving. The need for professionals like a New Orleans personal injury attorney has become a practical option.

Although it may be challenging to avoid every distraction completely, here are some ways to reduce distractions:

Manage your time

Rushing tends to promote distraction and taking unnecessary risks. Leave a few minutes early so you can arrive at your location stress-free.

Save it for later

Don’t check phone conversations in heavy traffic, even if you’re on hands-free mode. Pay full attention on the road to anticipate and react to potential road accidents.

Pull over

When you grab food on the go, take a few minutes to park and eat. Use this time to check your emails, messages, or return some calls.
You’ll encounter other factors that will compete for your attention as you drive. The trick is to prioritize and focus solely on your driving.



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