Silhouette of a cowboy riding a horse

The Art of Manliness: An Authentic Cowboy Look

Silhouette of a cowboy riding a horse

When most people hear the word ‘’cowboy’’, Roy Roger, Gene Autry, James Stewart, and Gregory Peck of the 1940s and 1950s all come to mind. The one common thing about all these characters is that they were all heroes in their movies – they always win.

If you’re looking to exude some of this cowboy charisma, here are the five items you must own and wear:


Given their sturdiness, jeans or denim make the perfect choice for cowboy pants. The pants are meant to protect the cowboys’ legs from getting blisters, which is why they can’t be made from soft fabrics. For a modern cowboy look, don’t go the skin-tight look (it went out in the 80’s). The pants shouldn’t be too loose either; something fitting will do the trick. Also, keep in mind that you’ll be wearing the pants over the boots, so go for longer ones.

Cowboy Hat

For comfort, the hat shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. If you get headaches wearing the hat, then it means it’s too tight. On the other hand, a loose hat that pops off easily means you need a hat string to fasten it around the head. On choosing what style of hat to wear, felt hat are ideal for winter weathers. If you will ask the experts from A.A. Callister, they'll say American cowboy straw hats are more appropriate for summer.

Cowboy Boots

The Western-style boot is somewhere between pop culture, folk art, and functional clothing. Either way, ideal cowboy boots should have high tops to keep the shins secure. Pointed toes are meant to guide the feet of the wearer into stirrups, and the high heel prevents slipping through the stirrup.


Usually, these are large and made of cotton, and they are meant to shield the wearer from dust storms and sun, as well as absorb sweat. 


This has to be an authentic leather belt. Keep the belt simple and if you need a buckle, go for original ones and keep off from sparkly bling on the belt.

Whether you’re attending a rodeo event or going to a country music concert, this is the simple guide for pulling off a virtually authentic cowboy look.

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