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The Distinct Advantages and Benefits of Low-Frequency Police Sirens

Police sirens come in many forms, but those that have the low-frequency system (LFS) technology are some of the better ones. Unlike the standard sirens installed in most police cruisers, those with LFS do a better job for the following reasons:

They Penetrate Hard Surfaces

LED Equipped explains that any police siren speaker designed with LFS gets the job done when it comes to moving vehicles out of the way. The technology emits the sound in all directions, boasting a range of as far as 200 feet. It hardly fails to grab the attention of anyone because it penetrates through solid materials, including vehicles and windows.

When police officers trigger LFS-reinforced sirens, all distracted motorists and pedestrians would know within the 200-feet radius would know they’re coming. In fact, anyone nearby might actually feel the sound waves.

This is especially useful in the digital age when many people on the street, drivers and pedestrians alike, are busy with a mobile device to some extent. The pulse-pounding effectiveness of LFS-reinforced sirens could buy the police precious minutes when responding to emergencies.

They Don’t Deafen Pedestrians

The sound of low-frequency sirens is interestingly quieter than the standard ones. Specifically, they wail 10 decibels lower, which are about half the volume of the typical device. In other words, they shouldn’t cause hearing problems to the people nearest the vehicle equipped with an LFS-reinforced siren. In fact, the vibrations an LFS technology produces allow the police to alert people with hearing impairment.

They Come with a Safety Feature

These devices serving as health hazards is a contentious debate, but manufacturers help protect the ears of officers by including an automatic shut-off timer. When set to cut the sound off after eight seconds, vehicle occupants wouldn’t hear the rumbling sound for too long.

When shopping around police sire speakers, it pays to explore all options on the market to pick the devices that could help your officers overcome your jurisdiction’s unique challenges. If your department is free to use pieces of equipment with LFS technology, strongly consider its distinct advantages over standard choices.

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