Variants of Officiency

The Formula in Achieving Top Officiency

Variants of OfficiencyThe word ‘officiency’ is very much made-up, just like ‘selfie’. Nonetheless, it is the state of efficiency in the office. In essence, it summarises whatever research has gone into art of professional productivity. Two components ultimately make the office functional: the worker and the tools.

Those who run offices often forget the role of order in productivity of employees. Apart from living a balanced life, an office worker must have the tools to perform their duties.

Variants of Officiency

The late Stephen Covey said in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, that for people to be happy they need a life pursuit. While the statement is broad in context, it applies to an office environment. After all, nobody wants a down-in-the-dumps worker to influence the mood of the entire team.

Printers often symbolise and even define an office’s efficiency. Any business has to print documents and to avoid holdups, it would be best to get equipment from trusted manufacturers such as Brother. Printer repairs are easy enough.

Preventative maintenance on a regular basis is better if you want to prevent jams, in a way. It applies to all kinds of office equipment, whether it is a PC, the fax machine or the air conditioner.

Monday Blues

An office, in reality, can be dull. The orderly form of the fluorescent lights, desks, chairs and cubicles suggest in one part organisation, and placid at the other. There is a reason Google’s offices are such a hit to everyone. Snazzy, colourful and intelligent, the tech giant clearly knows how to engage their employees even without having to work yet.

Monday blues is something everybody experiences, no matter how much you enjoy your job. While it is your responsibility to turn up ready to work, it is the company’s job to make it compelling to work for them. Everybody who works and those who have people who work for them should know that it is a two-way relationship.

Know that efficiency is the name of the game in an office environment. Do not cut corners and ensure that your employees are happy and performing optimally.

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