The Importance of Living and Working in a Beautiful Space

Seeking beauty is a natural human desire. Yet even with this instinct, many of us still struggle to create a beautiful space, with our hectic lives and daily activities involving clutter. Some have simply accepted that they’ll always live with mess and learned to settle with it, but if you’re still hopeful that you can spruce up your life through creative spaces, then you’re at the right place.

If your pursuit for beauty makes you feel guilty, don’t fret, because there’s nothing superficial nor greedy about it. Looking at beautiful sights benefits our health in many ways, so it’s actually science telling your body that lovely spaces are essential. It stimulates a sense of being healed and makes us happier — two things everyone deserves.

That said, let’s further explore the importance of beautiful spaces in our lives.


Neuroesthetics is a field of research concerned with the psychological effects of beauty blended into the design. It presents that design intended to look beautiful is important for our psychological well-being, as it bears positive effects on our learning, social behavior, and emotional wellness. In addition, Brisbane-based artist and designer, Jay Dee Dearness, shares that beauty incorporated into design grounds us in our environments, cultivating a shared sense of community that fortifies psychological and emotional well-being.

Furthermore, when our spaces are beautiful, we regard it with pride, and we tend to feel safer in it. We’re more inspired to take care of that space, maintain it, and celebrate it for its part in our community’s well-being.

living room

While each person has a different perspective of beautiful design, we can all agree that neat and airy spaces are ideal, especially in workplaces. If you work in the creative field, aesthetics become even more indispensable for you, and you’d naturally prefer to work in an office with a creative design. After all, a beautiful space reflects a company’s work, so if that’s a design firm, for example, then their credibility will boost from a well-designed office space.

You may also notice that beautiful workplaces tend to have lower employee turnover rates. That’s right; a creative office space encourages a team to stay put, even more so if the company allows work flexibility like work-from-home days. Such a culture is also a form of beauty, as it allows for a positive work-life balance.

The “Ideal” Home

Of course, beauty shouldn’t stop at your workplace. You deserve to come home to a charming sanctuary that’ll ease your fatigue and help you unwind.

The top features of an ideal home are a single-level floor plan, nine-foot ceilings, south-facing windows, outdoor living spaces, and maximized insulation. The single-level floor plan is ideal because it makes everything within your reach, and upkeep is easier. Its size will feel doubled with the nine-foot ceilings, while the south-facing windows let in rich natural light, which converts into free heat during winter.

No time tend to a lawn? No problem, because you can simply use high-quality artificial turf that looks just as lush as real grass. Put a chaise or a garden set on top of it, and enjoy some cocktails when the weather is good. And if it’s too cold out, you can snug indoors with your insulation system keeping you comfortable, and maintaining your energy bills low, which will make your home even more beautiful.

Considering all these life-enriching effects of a beautiful space, it’s no surprise why humans are given the instinct to seek beauty. Alleviate your stress by sprucing up your home and workstation, and reap the benefits of improved quality of work and personal life.

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