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The Magic of Braces in Milton Keynes

Growing up can be tough. There are many obstacles to negotiate along the way. Making friends, first love, exams, deciding on a career path, getting invited to parties or not, plus all the awkwardness that comes with the onset of puberty. Throw braces into the mix and that’s a recipe for some teenage angst.

Kids can be cruel, and taunts of ‘brace face’ and ‘metal mouth’ were once common occurrences in the school yard. But not so much any more, and that’s because teeth straightening technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. Self-conscious teens now have options when it comes to braces in Milton Keynes that could cut out the teasing. Dental practices in the area, such as Northlight Dental, can advise youngsters on early braces and discreet options.

Clear aligners

For some of the teeth straightening work that needs to be done in childhood, fixed metal braces are still the best option. However, some milder conditions can be resolved with discreet braces in Milton Keynes, such as Invisalign Teen. These clear, removable aligners can’t be seen, so no more taunts to worry about. They fix mild to moderate misalignments of the teeth, setting a teenager up for a lifetime of straighter smiles.

Lingual braces

If a child does need fixed metal braces, another option is lingual braces. These fit to the underside of the teeth and so can’t be seen. They are a great option for the sporty or musical teen. No braces at the front of the teeth means there’s no chance of them getting smashed in a rugby scrum or getting in the way of a mouthguard. Or, for woodwind and brass players, no metal to interfere with their mouthpiece.

Early braces in Milton Keynes

If a child sees their braces dentist early enough, it’s possible to get the work done before the self-consciousness of the teenage years hits. Children as young as 5 can be assessed for braces and, due to advances in dental technology and techniques, the straightening work can be done as their adult teeth descend, leaving them with a straighter smile sooner. It also means the work can be done more quickly and efficiently than if it’s left to later years.

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