The Millennial Mindset: Being an Adult in This Day and Age

Millenial in Metro ManilaStereotypes and the occasional criticisms aside, Millennials are doing a good job at being adults. While the costs are high and the economy could fluctuate, they make the most of what they have. They put in long hours at work, stay in condos like Proscenium at Rockwell, and work out on a regular basis; they’re happy.

Living arrangements

At present, the congestion in Metro Manila is off the charts. Traffic, pollution, residential property—you name it, the Millennials experience daily. For this reason, the generation opts to live close to work and have easy access to features of the urban landscape.

Finding a home or even a plot of land to build one on is challenging and oftentimes expensive, and here’s when condominiums enter the picture. Their popularity goes to show that Millennials know how to maximize space at a minimum cost.

Working hours

Even with the Philippine economy performing robustly in the past few years, it is not enough to give everybody a comfortable lifestyle. This is why Millennials are always up and about looking for opportunities and doing business. Some even have more than one job; a desk job during regular working hours and freelancing or consulting on the side.

They don’t complain about it either. Rather, they look for opportunities that are in line with their talents and interests and earn from something they actually enjoy.

Staying fit

Finally, more and more Millennials are concerned about fitness and health, which is a good thing because it concerns general well being and not just physical health. While some visit gyms like Fitness First or UFC GYM, others opt for jogging around the community or following fitness apps. In addition, healthier restaurants such as salad stops and vegetarian bistros are popping out.

These are some factors that make up the average Millennial’s life. Evidently, no matter how glum the economy or how slow moving the traffic, they find ways to look after themselves and make ends meet.

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