The One Wedding Photo You Shouldn’t Forget

Captured kissing moment in weddingWedding photos show different points-of-view. As you browse through the albums, you see happy guests enjoying your big day from months of planning and working. Their smiles bear witness to the couple’s commitment and caps off the day with an amazing party.

Behind-the-scenes photos show the hard work behind the magic. Candid shots of the groom coordinating with his entourage, the wedding planner running around, and mothers applying blush on their flower girls reflect the stress everyone had to go through before the big moment.

Weddings are always full of big moments — walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, the first kiss, and many more — all captured in photographs. and other professional wedding photography providers noted that there’s another special moment people tend to miss: The private moment between the bride and her father after putting on her dress.

Daddy’s Little Girl No More

For most brides, their fathers are their first loves. He’s the quiet one during the wedding planning. For months, he just sat down, nodded, gave silent approvals, and offered support while not being intrusive. Despite his silence, the father of the bride has a lot on his mind before the wedding.

Some fathers never thought they would live to see their daughters tie the knot. They want to do a good job with their duties on that day—walk the bride down the aisle and the dance. One of the sweetest and authentic moments shared between a father and a daughter is when the former sees the latter in her beautiful white dress.

The Dawn of Reality

The sight of his daughter in a wedding dress is the father’s welcome message to his little girl’s new life. As a result, photographers thrive in candid photos of crying dads.

The sincerity of the moment makes it a must-have photo in your album. Brides exceptionally close to their father thrive in the endearing private looks they share. Every reaction is priceless — jaws drop, some cry, while others stare in disbelief and pride.

Weddings come with moments worthy of snapshots. Each album, however, should never miss this sweet moment shared by a father and his darling little girl.

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