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The Reasons Why Your Curly Hair Has Gone Dull and Limp

The words you want people to use when describing your curly hair is beautiful and bouncy but, right now, your strands are looking more limp and dull. You ask yourself, what exactly are you doing wrong? How can you make your mane look alive and gorgeous again?

Here are the common reasons why curly hair becomes boring:

You Wash Your Hair with Hard Water

Not all water is equal. The water that comes out of your tap might be brimming with minerals (mostly calcium and magnesium) which are not being washed out of your hair or your skin as thoroughly as you should. Hard water can make the hair dull and limp. Because some of the minerals it contains do not play well with soap, it leaves a residue that, over time, builds up.

There are machines you can install to turn your water into soft water, which is more friendly to your hair and skin. However, an easier and cheaper solution would be to buy clarifying shampoo. The Kinky Curly Come Clean Natural Moisturizing Shampoo removes the buildup left behind from washing with hard water. It is also sulfate-free, which is perfect for curly hair. It would cleanse your scalp and strands without stripping away sebum that keeps your crowning glory moisturized throughout the day.

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Products are Building Up

When you have curly hair, you have to use a number of products to keep your strands moisturized and defined throughout the day. Aside from the usual shampoo and conditioner, you are advised to mask at least once a week, bring a leave-in conditioner for when you go out, use a gel or a creme to keep your curls in perfect position, and, if you are using heat to style, heat protectant spray to prevent damage.

That is a lot of products that you put on your hair. Showering may not be removing remnants on your hair. After a while, these products will build up and make your mane look bad.

Switching to a clarifying shampoo, which you should use at least once a week, will get rid of the problem.

Ingredients that are Weighing Your Hair Down

Products that promise to make your hair feel soft and smooth may be weighing you down. Unfortunately, many conditioners contain silicones that are not inherently bad, but they can decrease your strands’ ability to form curls. Silicones will sit on top of your head and make your crowning glory greasy and flat.

Be careful of the products that you buy. Learn which ingredients are commonly used in hair products and read about how they can affect the texture of your hair.

Choose products that are formulated for curly hair. These usually do not have silicones or other ingredients that are known to weigh down your hair.

It’s Your Haircut

Different haircuts have different effects on different hair textures. When you have curly hair, there are certain styles and techniques that are off-limits to you.

Thinning, razoring, texturizing — cuts that cause irregular patterns may not be suited for your curly hair. Talk to your stylist. Ask which haircut will emphasize your curls and prevent limping/dulling. You should also get a trim regularly to remove parts of your hair that have already been damaged.

Aside from these tips, avoid heat and chemical styling as much as possible. These cause damage that will ruin your beautiful, bouncy curls.

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