The Truth About Your Wisdom Teeth

For years now, wisdom tooth has been subject to many speculations and hearsay. To clear up the confusion on this particular part of your oral health, you should know some scientifically-backed information about wisdom teeth.

1. Wisdom tooth must be removed as early as possible.

False. Not all people are required to undergo this procedure. Most wisdom teeth removal procedures in Salt Lake City are only upon the advice and recommendation of a fully-licensed dentist. Besides, only those who are suffering from pericoronitis (inflammation of soft tissues on the tooth crown) are in need of this procedure.

2. Wisdom tooth extraction is expensive.

While there’s truth to the statement, the cost of operation depends on how complicated the process would be. Usually, the procedure ranges from simple to more intricate procedures. The dentist usually charges based on that. In general, the fee is the same. Compared to other dental procedures (like root canal treatment) wisdom tooth extraction is way more affordable.

3. Leaving wisdom teeth intact may cause misalignment and lead to other dental diseases.

False. The extraction of wisdom teeth is not necessary unless it causes pain or dental problems. Some of the signs which tell you that removal must be considered when you experience the following: it causes gum infection and diseases; there are tumors or cysts around it; you experience chronic pain related to the tooth; it causes teeth misalignment; and, if there’s a risk of root resorption.

Hopefully, these pieces of information clarify any misconception you have with regards to wisdom teeth. Consult and discuss this subject with your dentist. In addition to this, always maintain good oral hygiene to prevent experiencing any troubles with your dental health.

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