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Things to Remember When Building Your Own Log Cabin

There is nothing like the image of a log cabin in the wilderness. It gives off an aura of independence and going back to nature. If you are one of the people who crave that, then you might want to build your own.

If you’ve got the land and you’re ready to try, here are some tips to remember when building that log cabin:

Who Builds It?

One of the first questions you need to ask is who is going to build the cabin. If you’ve got the time and skill, you can build it yourself. There are several kits out there that can help you build a cabin in the woods on a weekend. These are often simple affairs. If you want something more complex, then hiring a building team to make your cabin can be an option.

Aim For Simplicity

One of the trademarks of log cabins is their simplicity. This is what keeps the costs down. A small cabin that has two to three rooms is more energy-efficient than a larger house. Besides that, the maintenance costs are much easier to handle. Decide on the floor plan before you start building to ensure that you are doing it right.

small wooden cabin

Get the Best

Don’t compromise on quality when getting materials. Always get the best wood possible. Most areas where you can build a log cabin often have a healthy timber and wood industry. Contact them and buy the best. You can even cut down some trees on your own, especially if it is on your property.

Besides the wooden materials, you should also look for good quality stone for potential foundation and flooring. You might even want to use it for your fireplace and chimney. High-quality materials pay off in the long run so invest in them when building your cabin.

Consider Some Essentials

When you are out in the wilderness, you still need to recognize that there are some things that you will always need. One of them is water. With no access to plumbing, you might have some problems when it comes to bathing and drinking. That is why you need to have a dependable water source. Drilling your well is a good idea. You don’t even have to bring up the water manually. You can buy one of the many well pumps sold in Utah and other states.

You should also work on sanitation and electricity. Bathing is easy with a simple tub of water, but toilet facilities may require you to build an outhouse. Additionally, you need to decide whether your cabin will have electricity and what power source it will have. You can opt for simple solar power or a gas generator as some of the better options.

A simple cabin in the woods is the perfect place to detox from all the digital parts of your life. No phones and no computer mean that you can truly be alone and relax. The tips above should help ensure that your cabin is as comfortable as possible. With their help, your isolated retreat should be a place you will come back to for years to come.

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