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Things You Don’t Want to Find When Cleaning Your House

Cleaning the house seems to be the busiest thing people could do these days, and for most of us, it’s no problem. But some people might not have seen the floor under their couch for years, and sometimes what they find might not be the most appealing. Whether you are cleaning your home’s air-conditioning ducts, the garage, attic, or basement, you know you are bound to find one or two nasty things. But hopefully, you won’t find any of these things in your home.


An infestation is the last thing you want to find in your home. Pests like rats, cockroaches, and termites can cause damage and disease, which could lead to additional costs on home repair or medical bills. If you hear noises or smell something off in your walls, it’s best to do a quick check before you clean, so the experts will get rid of them before you do.

Rancid Food

spoiled red bell pepperSometimes old houses hold many secrets, and sometimes they include forgotten and spoiled food. It could be as simple as cookies and peanuts caught in between the sofa, but it could also be a block of rancid butter from 1984. If you don’t want to be surprised by the stench, make sure not to waste food and only buy things you plan to use for the week.

Private (and Embarrassing) Documents

If you’ve lived in a house where generations of your family have come and gone, it’s sure to hold a shelf of books, documents, and papers that hold precious memories. But sometimes rearranging grandpa’s papers could lead to uncomfortable situations, especially when you find pictures or letters meant only for their recipients. It could lead to the revelation of dark family secrets or, at the least, an uncomfortable silence at the dinner table.

Dead Bodies

It’s not an ordinary day when you find a dead body in a house, but strangely many people have experienced this. For some, it could be that their home was built over an ancient burial ground, and no one had known of the existence of the burial for thousands of years. But unfortunately for some people, it could be a missing person who was a victim of a heinous crime.

Human Waste

Some people have not seen their basement or attic for years, and few had even attempted to clean it out before they moved in. If you recently moved into a new house, it’s best to check the attic and the basement in case you see signs of habitation, such as sleeping bags, clothes, and human waste. Empty houses are often the target of vandals, and making sure that your basement or attic is clean is often the best way to make it secure.

There are many other things people do not want to find when cleaning their homes, but these are the most disturbing if not the most dangerous. If you find any of them, it’s best to consult professionals to remove them and inform the police in case a crime was committed.

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