Rows Of Colorful Houses

Three Design Features that Define Your Home

They say you should always consider your surroundings when designing your home. You want to take advantage of what nature and the neighborhood have already provided in terms of design. But you should not limit your choices to the same things your neighbors used. Designing means adding unique elements to it that make it your home–not a carbon-copy of the one next door.

A Fireplace with a Character

Fireplaces are handy when you live in places that get cold in winter. The rest of the year, it can still be a great design element, especially if you have antique fireplace surrounds¬†from Authentic Provence that highlight the area. Some make the fireplace the focal point of a room, while others offset it to a wall and match the fireplace surrounds to the opposite wall’s rustic design.

Charming Landscaping

Designing the indoor and outdoor areas of the house should consider symmetry and symbiosis. You want your house’s design to spill into the landscaping, following the same carefully selected furniture pieces and patterns, and making the entry to your house stand out. Others even choose a sliding door that spills straight out to the carefully manicured lawns designed with a water element of your choosing. Add some DIY projects to give it more character.

A Unique Library Arrangement

Any space can be used as a library–even that corner space by the door that you think cannot be used anymore. Forget the usual shelves piled high with books nobody reads. Design the library to be as dynamic as your personality, and make it as comfortable as possible for hours of reading. These ideas will surely make you want to crack a book open and not put it down until you reach the last page.

When designing your house, go for a look that inspires creativity in you. You want your house to reflect your goals and aspirations, and if it’s boring, what does that say about you?

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