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Three Devices You Should Use to Save Time on Household Chores

Balancing work with household chores can be a pain. You have to wake up early to prepare for your job. After eight long hours at work, you have to cook or clean once you get home. Then, you have to do the same thing for four more days. It’s stressful and exhausting.

But thanks to technology, juggling all your responsibilities has become more bearable. With the right devices, you can make your life easier. You don’t even have to deal with specialty piping products or complicated steps. Check out these five products that can save you a lot of time and effort:

Robot Cleaner

If you have a pet or a kid, your home must get messy regularly. A dog or a cat can get fur everywhere. As for children, it’s inevitable that they’ll spill their food or drinks. You can’t leave their mess, or it will attract pests. But constantly cleaning up after them can get tiring. Because of technological innovations, you can solve your problem with a single device. You can get a robot cleaner.

There are different types available so you can choose one that best suits your needs. One of the most famous varieties is the robot vacuum. It’s great to get rid of crumbs and dust, especially if your house has carpet or rugs. You can get one that works at a pattern. But if you have a bigger budget, you can get a model that can be controlled using a smartphone app. They offer better customization and you can set a schedule even if you’re not at home.

Another option that’s worth a look is a robot mop. It’s ideal for homes with tile or hardwood floors. If you get a lot of spills, this is the robot for you. It has sensors so it can avoid spraying your furniture. They’re also great for kitchens and bathrooms.

You can also get a robot that has vacuuming and mopping features. But reviews say they’re not the best when it comes to getting rid of tough stains.

New Washing Machine

The typical wash cycle takes around half an hour. This may not seem like a lot of time. But you also have to dry the clothes and then fold them. Before you know it, your whole day is gone. You can cut your laundry time by getting a new washing machine.

New models may be expensive at first, but they’re also worthy investments in the long run. Because they also have useful features that can save you time, money, water, and energy.

When you’re looking for your new washing machine, consider a few factors. First, you should get a washer that is Energy Star certified. It means that the product has passed the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards. It also means that it has been proven to reduce water and electricity consumption.

Second, you should look for a model with fast settings. The name varies depending on the brand. It can be called rapid, quick, turbo or power wash, but they all do the same thing. Because of their powerful motors, they can wash your clothes swiftly without sacrificing on the quality of the cleanse.

Finally, you should stay away from washing machines with central agitators. Because of the constant friction while washing, it can cause your clothes to lint and be damaged. It also takes up space that you can use to clean more clothes instead. A lot of modern models have features that allow them to wash clothes without using an agitator.

Bathroom cleaningSelf-cleaning Toilet

Cleaning the toilet isn’t anyone’s favorite chore. It takes up a lot of time and effort. Plus, it’s awful if you’re prone to feeling queasy. Due to technological advancements, you don’t have to do it anymore. Now, you can get a toilet that cleans itself at a push of a button.

American Standard has released a high-tech toilet that’s simple to use. You have the option of choosing a quick wash which lasts for a minute or a deep clean that’s 10 minutes long. You only need to replace the cleaning cartridge and the batteries every once in a while.

Another option is a state-of-the-art Japanese toilet. It doesn’t just clean itself. It also has heated seats, speakers, and even massage features.

The best thing about technology is the convenience it provides. If you don’t have the time to do something, there’s probably a product in the market that can do it for you. You only need to find the right device that matches what you need.

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