Three Home Improvement Projects for Value and Convenience

Home Improvement There are different reasons to do a home remodel or addition project. Here are some of them.

  • To improve home safety, security, and privacy
  • To improve comfort and add living space
  • For added convenience
  • To improve aesthetics
  • To reduce carbon footprint and pay lower utility bills
  • Personal preferences
  • Growing family
  • Business

One more aspect of home improvement that most people take into account, in addition to the reasons above, is how the project will impact property value.

There are improvements or additions that don’t always make sense, from an economics point of view, but there are also those that offer a higher possibility of increasing market value. Here are some of the latter.


A concrete or steel fence, or a combination of those two, is usually a good investment if it is at all allowed in the neighborhood you’re in. Its benefits include added privacy, if they limit the view of the property from the outside; and security, if it makes climbing over it a challenge for most would-be intruders.

Many homeowners don’t like the idea of hiding their home behind a fence, but you can make a fence work for you in terms of aesthetics as well. Customized decorative steel is one way to do that, and with the ease of finding steel online for your project, you won’t have any problems choosing a design.

Replacement Windows

Old windows with broken glass or damaged locks, windows that won’t open anymore, and windows that don’t do anything to prevent the escape of air-conditioned or heated air are instant turn-offs for buyers. They are an eyesore and possibly unsafe. You are likely paying more for your energy use because of their poor insulation. Get top quality replacement windows that add beauty to your home. Double-glass windows with argon to prevent heat and cold transfer are a great investment.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

If you want your kitchen to improve, do a minor remodel. Widening it and removing unsightly divisions between rooms are simpler remodel projects that can add value. Put in some new appliances from known brands. Be careful not to overdo it, though. It still has to fit the aesthetics and style of your house; otherwise, it might stick out like a sore thumb.

These three remodel or improvement options are examples of what you can do to hit a few birds: aesthetics, comfort and convenience, efficiency, and added market value. It is, of course, your home, so the final decision always rests with you. Still, it would make sense to ask your realtor, designer, contractor for some advice.

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