Bath City

Time Out: The City of Bath

Bath CityNo matter your efforts at pushing yourself over and beyond your limit in school, at work, or in life in general, your body will break down sooner or later. You have to consider your body and its limits. Take a break once in a while to let your body adjust and recover from whatever it is that you do.

The following is good news to those in England, as you may want (but most probably need) to take a weekend off to the city of Bath in Somerset. Here are some ideas for short breaks as compiled by

To Lie and Rest

Why Bath? Because the city is simply enchanting. A short break in the city during autumn would yield, upon your eyes, the colours shrouding the trees. In addition, there is the Great Bath Feast in October where you can avail of the large buffet of food deals and offers provided in the event.

My Name is Bath…

When you are not one taken in by food, then maybe the rich heritage of the city can catch your eye. There are the Roman baths, the namesake of the city, that you can look for, and there is the Thermae Bath Spa you can relax in and imagine that you are a Roman who has been enjoying the blessing of the mineral-rich spring for ages.

Bath is not all about the baths, though. Revamped and restored museums like the Holburne and One Royal Crescent may be of some attraction to you, too.

Remember that you are human and that you need rest and relaxation once in a while. Even short simple breaks will do you good. So, you do take some time off, don’t forget the city of Bath may just be the place for you to take a time out. And it could just be what you need – a holiday in the city will recharge you to take on new challenges of your day.

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