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Tips When Buying Your First Investment Property

So you have decided to purchase property for investment purposes. Chances are you are going to rent it off to others or resell it, depending on the market. While this might seem like a no-loss idea, the fact remains that you will have to consider several things before choosing this investment approach.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Know How Your Finances Stand with Current Income

Ideally, when buying a new house as an investment or when availing for mortgages in Salt Lake City, your mortgage for the home you’re currently using as a residence should already be paid off. If this is not possible, however, your current income should pass muster.

This is the income left after paying your residential home mortgage and mortgage-to-let expenses. The remaining income must be enough to support yourself.

Go Low with the Cost of the Home

Keep the home value under $150,000. Any more than that and you might find yourself losing money over the expenses. Experts suggest that at below $150,000, you can enjoy a workable investment, especially if you are a first-time investor.

Location Still Matters

When buying a house, location becomes even more important. Nobody wants to rent a home that is too far out of the way. Ideally, the home should be near modern facilities such as the market, employment, transportation, and others.

Know a Little About Home Repair

Some homes are not prepared for immediate occupation so you might need to do some work before renting it out. While it is not a good idea to buy a fixer-upper, you should at least buy one that could use some repairs.

You can do the work yourself to save on cost. Also, a home that needs repairs often has a lower price.

Real estate makes for an excellent investment if you know how to handle it well. Make a point of learning the real estate market, and you will find that this method offers a stable income in your coming years.

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