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To Stay or Downsize: Why Seniors Want to Age in Place

Do you have an elderly loved one who refuses to age in senior homes? Then know that you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by the AARP, 90% of seniors want to age in place. This can either mean staying in their residential homes or downsize by moving to a smaller house.

Baby Boomers want to age in place

Most seniors want to maintain as much independence as they can. They are already in the confinement in their own homes and are already accustomed to the same routine and setting for many years now. Some also prefer using their hard-earned retirement funds to make the most out of their remaining years. Others want to avoid becoming a burden to their loved ones by letting them pay for the services of assisted living or nursing homes.

There are also Baby Boomers who feel a lot safer and happier by staying at home. They fear they might contact infections in senior living facilities. Many would be willing to hire caregivers who will accompany them or do their errands for them just to avoid having to move to a nursing home.

Why some Gen-Xers choose to move and downside their homes

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Most Baby Boomers have large houses with many rooms. Since many of them live alone or only with their spouse, the very house they worked so hard to build and invest in may now be too big. Add in the fact that the bigger your home is, the more responsibilities you will need to tackle. With too much space and too many things to take care of in a big house, it just makes sense for seniors to move to a more modest home.

When it comes to choosing a home one can age in place in, location, safety, and comfort matters. Baby Boomers have eyes on houses that fit their budget, have the features they need, and are open for their preferred customizations. They may be moving to downsize their home, but that does not mean they no longer want more than enough extra space. This often means seniors want their new homes to have a deck, patio, an open floor plan, and even a functional glass sunroom, where they can rest and entertain guests.

Why some Baby Boomers choose to stay in their homes

Some elderly adults chose not to move out in the very houses they raised their kids in. Some are not yet ready to let go of the house they worked so hard to build for the last several years. Some are extremely emotionally attached to the house and can’t seem to leave all the wonderful memories they made. Some chose to stay due to the shortage of housing present in their preferred area.

If your loved one wishes to stay in their old home, then certain home modifications may be necessary. This is to improve their safety as most old houses are not safe for seniors. They may also need assistance in home upkeep, house repairs, and maintenance.

Seniors can have different reasons for choosing to age in place. They also have the option to downsize now or delay their move as much as possible. As their loved ones, all we can do is to support their wishes while also taking into consideration their current situation.

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