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Top 6 Board Games You Should Try With The Family

The internet can be a dangerous place for kids and teenagers, but there’s no stopping them from going online. With school activities and their social life depending on the internet and social media, you should make sure that your home networks are protected from hackers.

Many game sites and even online business sites use zero trust network security systems to handle security issues like hackers, phishers, and even malware. But you could also explore games that do not require an online connection. It also helps if you can wean everyone off the screen for several hours each day and spend time together as a family face to face. These fun and enjoyable board games never get old.


If you’re looking for a thinking game that’s fun, educational, and a bit challenging, scrabble is a great choice. No family board games would be complete with this 1931 classic. It consists of lettered tiles with different point values combined to form words, crossword-style on the game board. It’s best to play the game with individuals with similar reading, spelling, and speaking levels.

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HABA My First Orchard

If you have a growing baby at home and don’t want to let them miss out on family board game night, consider adding this fun and quick game to the list. It encourages preschoolers to work together by gathering the fruit before a raven reaches the path’s endpoint. The game is a fast-paced family game that would include your little one to the mix, allowing them not to miss out on the fun while introducing social-skills concepts such as playing together and following rules. ;


Although Monopoly may have a bleak origin story, this classic game has remained one of the best family board games kids and adults would love. It’s a game surrounding land grabbing, doing dirty deals, and building monopolies. The game is ideal for children ages six and up.

Prospero Hall The Shining Board Game

If you have a couple of teenage kids, it can be challenging to entice them to play classic board games. However, this option can change that. This board game is based on Stephen King’s ‘The Shining novel,’ making it a thrilling game that most adolescents would enjoy even if they aren’t familiar with the book’s plot. However, this game’s rules can be a little complex, so considering doing some additional research before starting the game.

Mattel Games Blokus

Like the classic Tetris game, Mattel Games Blokus also requires thorough thinking and spatial reasoning. The game consists of square tiles colored green, yellow, blue, and red that must be placed next to those with the same hues and place them in a position that blocks your opponent from putting them near the same colored blocks. The person that fits the most of their designated pieces on the board wins the game. It’s a fun and fast-paced game that both kids and adults would love.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

If you and your family love trivia or want a good challenge, this family-style version of trivial pursuit is suitable for children ages eight and up and adults. The classic trivial pursuit provides questions revolving around Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure. It’s a fun game that tests and spruce everyone’s understanding and knowledge entertainingly, making it a productive and enjoyable family activity that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to make game nights more fun or connect with your family, the ‘old-fashioned’ way — board games are fantastic ways to spend quality time together. Relive the good old days with the fam by trying any of the board games mentioned.

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