Top Investment Options You Should Consider This 2016

InvestmentFrom funds to stocks to real estate properties, 2016 has quite the extensive list of good to great investment assets to choose from. However, like all types of investment ventures, you need to know what and where you should put your money in this year.

To help you get started, here are three of the top investments, as what many financial experts say:

Close-ended funds

You will find several types of closed-end funds (CEFs), mutual funds that you trade on the exchange market much like stocks, which you can get with considerably big discounts. Some of these include corporate bonds with high yields and investment-grade qualities. Many experts favor a mix of both types.

When you choose a CEF, pay attention to return consistency and prioritize this rather than benchmarks or peers. You should also confirm that the management team responsible for the funds’ great performance still manages them. The funds should also have performed great on a consistent basis, and not just on a single event.

Real estate.

The real estate market has seen a considerable rise in the number of people investing in them, particularly when the talk comes to turnkey investment property. Many of those who belong to the Millennials generation, and even some members of Generation X, now turn to real estate companies specializing in turnkey property investments.

According to, this is probably because of the convenience it brings as well as its dual function: it gives buyers the title of a homeowner while they also get to enjoy an additional source of income.

Energy stocks

For those who want to invest in stocks, go for energy stocks. For almost two years now, oil prices have continued to plummet, resulting in the price of these stocks to follow suit. You should consider their lower price as an attractive characteristic, especially now that prices of the commodity have returned to a somewhat more stable status. The time of overselling has come to pass, making these stocks a great place to put your money in.

Make the right investment venture this year: place your money in these three best-sellers of 2016.

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