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Transformative treatments for smile makeovers

Thanks to modern dental techniques and technologies, there aren’t many facets of a person’s smile that can’t be improved by cosmetic dentistry. The best way for a person to keep their teeth looking great is still to follow a strict oral hygiene routine to protect their natural teeth, but natural teeth can often need a little boost to bring out their qualities.

At practices like PDC Dental, smile makeovers can be used to completely transform the appearance of a patient’s smile. This ‘ground-up’ smile design can provide some dramatic results, which is why smile makeovers are often featured on makeover shows on TV. Smile makeovers combine various types of cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley.

Smile makeover treatments: veneers

Veneers are one of the most commonly used forms of cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley. This is because veneers can solve problems with size, shape and the colour of a person’s natural teeth.

Veneers are thin pieces of ceramic that are bonded directly onto the surface of the patient’s teeth. To ensure the veneer bonds well, a thin layer of enamel is often removed from the surface of the patient’s tooth. This also gives the veneer some space to fit seamlessly into the patient’s smile.

Veneers don’t have an expiration date, but they generally last anywhere up to 15 years, depending on how well they are looked after by the patient.

Smile makeover treatments: tooth whitening

Another extremely popular form of cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley is tooth whitening. Tooth whitening treatments are the most popular cosmetic treatment in the UK.

Generally, there are two types of tooth whitening treatments. The first is the fastest and most powerful treatment. Professional whitening is carried out in the dentist’s chair and in a matter of hours, the patient could see results of up to 16 shades.

The second type of whitening can be taken home and applied at the patient’s leisure. The results take a little longer to achieve, as the whitening gel is less concentrated to make it safe for home use. This whitening is also used in conjunction with professional whitening as a ‘top-up’ to the patient’s shade.

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