Travelling to Zanzibar: Making a Zanzibar Holiday Itinerary

Zanzibar is an island paradise famous for its historical Stone Town and spectacular beaches. And as a popular holiday destination, it offers a unique range of attractions, accommodations, and activities.

Zanzibar features numerous attractions, ranging from ecological centres to palatial ruins.And with the aid of travel advisories, such as Pure Zanzibar and trip advisor, visitors can choose from accommodation options that range from hotels to vacation rentals. Travellers can also choose to participate in diverse activities while on the island, such asboat safaris and night game drives.

Zanzibar Attractions

You can include unique and entertaining attractions in your Zanzibar holiday itinerary. One of these attractions is the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (ZBC).

The ZBC is a popular tourist attraction that features a live display of Tanzanian butterflies. It hosts hundreds of colourful butterflies that you can see up close.

Zanzibar Accommodations

You can find many places to stay in Zanzibar, regardless of your needs. The island offers different accommodations, including hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, and specialty lodgings. One of the most popular specialty lodgings in Zanzibar is Chumbe Island Coral Park.

Chumbe Island Coral Park is an award-winning exclusive private island, fully managed nature reserve and marine park. It offers seven fully equipped bungalows, brilliantly designed to provide guests with privacy and a sense of freedom of living in the open.

Located near the ocean, these bungalows allow visitors to reach the beach in only 30 seconds. They also feature many conveniences, such as double or twin beds, self-contained bathrooms, and large living rooms.

As a nature reserve and marine park, Chumbe Island Coral Park provides guided tours through spectacular coral reefs, and forest and mangrove nature trails.

Zanzibar Activities

You can enjoy the natural beauty of Zanzibar by participating in diverse recreational activities, like kite surfing. Kite surfing is one of the most popular activities onthe island, with numerous centres located along the east coast. This incredibly fun and addictive activity involves riding on a modified surfboard, while holding onto a specially designed kite, and using the wind for propulsion.

Use this information to plan a holiday to Zanzibar. But if you want to know more, research further and, visit travel websites or contact travel agencies.

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