Trendy Highlights: Exude Style and Confidence with Balayage

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The new year is here, why not undergo a total transformation? A little experimentation never hurt anybody. If you want to start small but make a big impact, try starting with your hair. Your hair is, as they say, your crowning glory; it says a lot about you – your personality and your style.

You can change your hair in various ways: you can cut, colour, perm and straighten it. If you want modern, natural-looking highlights, then a balayage might be the hairstyle trend you are looking for.

What is Balayage?

This is a highlighting technique applied freehand, unlike others, which uses caps and foils to get the desired shade. By definition, this comes from the French word meaning ‘to paint or sweep’. Colourists only apply the balayage on the surface, which creates a softer effect compared to colouring through sections of hair.

This method gives the colourist more freedom as to where to place the colours, as compared to when they use foil, which requires precision.

Will It Work for You?

Why should you choose this highlighting technique? Well, it is low maintenance, since your roots are rarely touched and they look better with more sun exposure.

Whether you are sporting natural – wavy, straight or curly – or colour treated hair, it is not too late to switch to balayage; the results will be just as gorgeous. Whatever your hair colour is, it is the perfect highlighting technique to add depth and dimension to your features. Think of it as contouring for your face.

If you are not sure if this style will work for you, then places like Roots Salon may be able to help you.

Whether you are getting a haircut or colouring your hair, consult with experts before you make a decision, as they know which style suits you best, and make sure your money is well spent. Schedule an appointment at your local salon and greet the new year with a new look.

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