2 bedroom apartment

Two-Bedroom Apartments: Living in Style in Brisbane

2 bedroom apartmentBrisbane has many two bedroom apartments for sale or rent, and such accommodations are for locals, tourists, and backpackers who like to explore the city. Most tourists prefer these over hotels due to a variety of reasons.

You can rent such accommodations short term so they are perfect for vacations. Most local and international tourists prefer them as they cost less than hotels, and offer more space, privacy, and flexibility, as well as amenities that make you feel at home.

Some of the features provided by 2-bedroom apartments in Brisbane, says pointcorp.com.au, are on this list.

  • They are spacious and generally fully furnished. The rooms are large with private balconies.
  • Most of these places are located a short distance away from the international airports.
  • They are close to public transport, both train and bus stops. Most of them are also close to large shopping centres, boutiques, malls, and business districts and entertainment centres.
  • They have a fully functional and equipped kitchen.
  • The other features include heating and air conditioning, a dishwasher, laundry facilities, a modern TV, and Internet connection.
  • For executives, there are secretarial services in some, complete with ISD connections, modem and fax facilities.
  • There are pools and other sources of entertainment for children in most of these properties.

Local attractions

These places are located close to tourist attractions and places of interest. Some of these properties are close to

  • Suncorp Stadium, a large entertainment and sports venue. Rugby and soccer matches, and concerts by world famous musicians take place here.
  • Roma Street Parkland is a peaceful garden with a beautiful lake and many picnic spots.
  • South Bank Parkland is also a garden with many picnic spots, dining hub etc.
  • There are cultural centres with world famous galleries.
  • There is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the Alma Park Zoo, or for climbing, you have the Story Bridge.
  • There are many waterfalls, mountains and hills to trek, many interesting valleys to visit and the famous Moreton Island. From this island, you can watch the wild dolphins or snorkel around old wrecked ships.

Considering there are so many places of interest, it makes sense to rent apartments and enjoy your vacation here.

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